How it Began

Mr. Ramesh Perera the owner and founder of Cool Corner started spreading his innovative experimental creations on ice cream for more than one year. He successfully introduced Natural fried ice cream to Sri Lankan market in 2014 by doing Cool Corner’s first promotion. On 22nd of March 2015 Cool Corner is opened for their beloved customers in Kandy.

Cool Corner is a family based homemade businesses which is introduced newly created ice cream that you will never find anywhere else. Our ice cream is totally made with natural ingredients and local fruits grown organically.

We don’t use any artificial stuff, colors, powders, or any preservatives.

Our style and our fashion are our own.

So far, we could keep our identity as a unique campaign.

  • We serve the best Ice Cream in
    Sri Lanka.
  • Fast and nice service.
  • Use Fresh & Organically Fruits Always
  • Friendly Staff

  • I and my wife went to this place on Tuesday the 3rd of May. We have tried their ice creams once at KCC, so just because we liked it then, we got spotted in cool corner. We had 2 of their popular ones ( plum one and the crunchy dark biscuit one ) . They were just no words to describe . The taste, portion, presentation and the service were excellent . You are doing a great job my friend , keep up the good work so that one day you will become a chain.
    Jiffry Ji
  • If you're a vegan or not, this place is heaven. They have a huge range of flavours of ice cream made with coconut milk or normal milk. I had the coconut chocolate ice cream made with coconut milk and it was incredible. I will definitely come back.
    Lucy Curl
  • Dropped in here on Sunday afternoon not expecting much and we were amazed at the flavours and taste of the ice cream. I had Plum pudding ( made from an old recipe handed down from 100 years ago) and my wife had the peanut choco. Both were divine and made before our eyes using a special chiller plate. Can't recommend this gem of an ice cream shop enough.
    Mark Lutton
  • With cool corner ,anytime is ice cream time! The best ice cream parlor in Kandy because there's no other decent place like cool corner...The ice cream tastes good and if you try once , you will definitely go again ! Love this place and the ice creams so much...:)
    Piumi Chathusha
  • Me and my two friends visited Cool corner while in Kandy and it was the most delicious ice cream I've had in Srilanka. There are plenty of options to chose from, the ice cream is made in front of you and the taste won't let you down. The owner and ice cream maker can make some suggestions according to your taste, so you don't spend trying to decide which one to try. Each of us got 3 scoops and the price is very reasonable for that quantity and not to mention quality. I would recommend Choconut ice cream (chocolate + coconut).
    Tina K