About Us


Our Mission


Our main motive is to make you happy with a sweet treat in a healthier way. Our creativity is up to the sky and you can share this unlimited experience with your loved ones. We changed the ice cream culture with our never-ending experimentations and still we have a long way to go. We always try to be unconventional with a different feel. Our venture is not only about making our customers happy but the farmers and villagers also. We help them to get an extra income by buying naturally grown, fresh organic fruits from them.

Also, we have replaced plastic cups and spoons with glass bowls and paper cups to ensure the beauty of our nature. With a happy and dedicated working staff, the Cool Corner is always ready to respect you and make you happy while you are with us. Melodious music along with a nice chat makes your delicious creamy dream even more enjoyable and relaxing. We, the Cool Corner are here to provide an environmentally, financially, socially, and culturally responsible service, with can be profitable and growing day by day.